Everything To Know About Yeo Jin Goo’s Love Life, Alcohol Tolerence And Favorite Food

Everything To Know About Yeo Jin Goo's Love Life

Everything To Know About Yeo Jin Goo's Love Life, Alcohol Tolerence And Favorite Food

There is no doubt that Yeo Jin Goo is one of the most popular Korean heartthrobs of today. This is because of her charm, skills, and talents, as well as her very pleasing attitude and personality. Now, it has just been unveiled that he is really a food lover. However, the recent revelations surrounding him are not just about his love for food, but also about his love life. In one of the interviews that he had been, specifically the one last May 23, the actor has revealed her ideal type of woman. In the interview, he says that he prefers a woman that eats well.
According to Soompi , Yeo Jin Goo says that he really doesn’t like people who are picky eaters. He further states that he finds it regrettable that there are people who dislike certain kinds of food, even if they are really delicious and tasty. He went on to further say that he finds it very dissatisfying to know that there are people that don’t know the certain tastes of different kinds of foods. As he continues his statement, he adds that there are a lot of ingredients in the world, and that it’s because of it that there are different foods. According to All K-pop , Yeo Jin Goo says that if there is someone that says they can’t eat that certain kind of food, what he usually do is that he let them try it instead. He says that he loves to change the opinion of people. Furthermore, Yeo Jin Goo also says that eating is one way for him to be relieved of his stress. The actor was also asked about his alcohol tolerance level. He then swiftly answered that he drinks, but not that much. It’s because he doesn’t have that much of tolerance when it comes to prolonged drinking. He reveals that he easily falls asleep when he’s already drunk and he can’t control himself. For now, Yeo Jin Goo is busy preparing for the upcoming premiere of his latest movie entitled, “Warriors of the Dawn”, which will be out in cinemas this coming May 31.

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