Even Girls’ Generation Cannot Avoid The ‘2nd Generation’ Girl Group Curse

Even Girls' Generation Cannot Avoid The '2nd Generation' Girl Group Curse
Even Girls' Generation Cannot Avoid The '2nd Generation' Girl Group Curse

In 2007, Girls’ Generation debuted along with Wonder Girls and KARA .

These groups were the next generation of girl groups for K-Pop after the 1st generation groups such as S.E.S and Fink.L. 

However, these second generation girl groups went through numerous changes in the past couple of years with member changes and other issues.

In the case of Wonder Girls, their quick success and fame also led to an even faster change in their group.

They are also the most changed group out of the second generation girl groups as they changed members during their debut song.

HyunA left the group and Youbin joined and took her place.

They then hit their peak with 3 popular songs and became one of the top girl groups of that time.

However in 2010, Sunmi chose to leave the group to study more and member Hyerim entered in her place.

Lastly in 2013, leader Sunye got married and decided to take a hiatus from the group as she would be following her husband to Haiti for 5 years for missionary work.

Also, member Sohee also did not resign her contract with the group and moved to BH Entertainment to focus on becoming an actress.

For KARA, they have gone through 2 member changes.

They first started in 2007 as a 4 member group and was quite successful with their debut.

In 2008, main vocal member Kim Sung Hee left the group for personal reasons and Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung then joined the group and became 5 members.

In the following years, they became one of the hottest groups with many hit songs.

However, in 2010, 3 of the members, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole and Kang Jiyoung had issues with their agency and went to court.

Rumors that the group members were not on good terms also surfaced, causing the group to have a tough year.

Then in 2014, Jung Nicole and Kang Jiyoung both did not renew their contracts and left the group.

DSP Media then held a survival audition program and chose Huh Youngji to be the new member of the group, making KARA a 4 member group once again.

Unlike the other two groups, Girls’ Generation continued their career without any issues.

They continued to spread their name throughout the years and are now the top K-Pop girl group around the world.

They have also done unit and solo activities as well and have received several rumor about members changes and members not getting along well together, but those were all settled through a broadcast where they stated all these issues.

However, it seems that even Girls’ Generation could not avoid the changes that occur with ‘2nd generation’ girl groups.

On September 30, Jessica posted on her Weibo that she was hurt and that she wanted to continue to stay in the group but due to disagreement she would no longer be.

More recently, SM Entertainment released an official statement that Jessica would no longer be apart of Girls’ Generation.

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