‘Entourage’ Movie Spoilers: Sloan Pregnant! Emmanuelle Chriqui Reveals New Details About The Highly Anticipated Bromance Film

Who doesn’t want to hear “Entourage” movie spoilers? Yes, No One! Just when you thought that original series cast Emmanuelle Chriqui is done with her revelations as reported before .

Chriqui managed to spill more beans; first confirming that the film’s story is going to pick up exactly six months after the HBO series has left off and that she’s guessing that her character, Sloan, is going to be pregnant in the movie saying: “This is what I think I know: I will be pregnant in the movie,” she hinted.

“Like, I won’t have had the child,” during her interview with Yahoo Movies .

And now that “Entourage” movie is done filming the 36-year-old actress shared more spoilers talking to ETC Canada  saying: “Sloan is pregnant.

She’s eight months in the movie, that’s where we pick up.” Chriqui revealed, “So there’s been a lag of eight months.” Does this mean that Sloan will see less action in the film? Or will we able to see an E Jr.

perhaps? That detail she intended to left out.

Chriqui assured fans that their favorite “bromance” casts are all present in the movie and they’re going to bring all the crazy stuff with them from the hit TV series.

“The Entourage fans will look forward to all the shenanigans, they are all there and then some.” In an interview with TODAY , Emmanuelle Chriqui expressed her gratitude and delight in being able to work with her former co-stars again saying, “It was amazing! It was like coming home to family.

After three years being off the air, we just resumed as though we were all together yesterday.

It was so fun.” Again, dishing out another revelation that the “Entourage” movie might be hitting theaters earlier than planned.

“They’re saying next summer, but then there’s rumors it could be sooner,” the actress revealed.

As to what fans can expect in the long awaited movie adaptation this is what Emmanuelle Chriqui has to say “It’s going to be great.” Are you excited to hear more spoilers? Keep tuning in here at Kpopstarz.com and we’ll bring you the latest and hottest updates on “Entourage.”

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