‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 3 Spoilers: Cookie And Anika Work To Get Pitbull’s Attention [VIDEO]

‘Empire’ Season 2

‘Empire’ Season 2, Episode 3 Spoilers: Cookie And Anika Work To Get Pitbull’s Attention [VIDEO]

“Empire” season 2, episode 3 will feature guest star Pitbull, whose attention Cookie and Anika will vie for behind Lucious’ back. Check out more spoilers and promo preview videos for “Empire” season 2, episode 3, which airs this Wednesday.

According to TVGuide.com, the official synopsis for this week’s episode, titled “Fires of Heaven,” reads, “Cookie and Anika work behind Lucious’ back to pull off a performance that will catch Pitbull’s eye; at the same time, Lucious tries to convince Frank Gather’s daughter to sign with him; and Hakeem focuses his energy on making Ménage a Trois a success. Meanwhile, Andre and Rhonda pin their hopes of a return to Empire on their baby to come.”

Futoncritic.com reports another synopsis, which reads, “Cookie and Anika secretly work together behind Lucious’ back to pull off a surprise performance that catches the eye of Pitbull (guest-starring as himself). Meanwhile, Lucious tracks down Frank Gathers’ daughter, Young Ma (guest star Bre-Z Murray), to try to convince her to sign with him at Empire, while Hakeem is hard at work on his girl group, Ménage a Trois. Also, Andre and Rhonda hope their baby-on-the-way will be the key that unlocks Lucious’ cold heart and opens the door for Andre to return to the Empire fold.”

If you haven’t already noticed, season 2 of “Empire” is chock-full of celebrity guest appearances. This Wednesday’s episode features Pitbull, as well as Bre-Z Murray as Freda Gatz, Becky G. as Valentina, Andre Royo as Thirsty Rawlings, Kelly Rowland as Leah Walker, Rafael De La Fuentes as Michael Sanchez and Tyra Ferrell as Roxanne Ford.
Check out our compilation of promo preview videos above! And don’t forget to tune in to FOX on Oct. 7 at 9:00PM to catch episode 3, “Fires of Heaven.”

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