Eminem New Album 2013 Cover: Photo Takes ‘Berzerk’ Rapper Back To Detroit In Abandoned Home, Much Like ‘MMLP’ Cover

Eminem new album 2013: The cover has been revealed for the “Marshall Mathers LP 2” that will be released on Nov.


With the anticipation of the 2013 new album, over the past few months, fans finally heard the official release date, title of the album, two singles and now the artwork for the official cover.

Eminem tweeted the picture out Sept.

23 and it brings back memories to the first installment of the MMLP in 2000.

The picture is of the Detroit rappers boarded up childhood home with the Eminem logo and album title in the top right corner.

The 2013 new album cover is in black and white.

Slim Shady himself is not seen on the cover.

Weeds are a few fight high to show how the home has not been cared to in years.

In the original “Marshall Mathers LP,”it shows the “Berzerk” artist sitting on steps outside a rugged home with a tree covering nearly half the house.

It is also in black and white print.

The home is just south of 8 Mile Road, and is located on 19946 Dresden Street.


Dre, No I.D.

and Rick Rubin have helped to produce the album.

Rick Rubin produced the first official single “Berzerk,” which was released in Septemeber.

“Survival” was another single used as the theme for “Call of Duty: Ghosts.” Em’s former home is up for auction by Michigan Land Bank, according to the Huffington Post.

There is a minimum bid of $1, and the home is listed for $32, 675.

“In a case like this, if the property is blighted, or the whole neighborhood is blighted, it would be unusual to get a buyer,’ said Kim Homan, executive director of the Michigan Land Bank according to Daily Mail.

“Nobody knew it was Eminem’s home, either.

But with the neighborhood being rough…”    

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