Emily Blunt Gets Showered With Praise At Cannes Film Festival 2015 For ‘Sicario’, Husband John Krasinski Jealous? ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Star Leaves Baby Girl Hazel Behind

Emily Blunt Gets Showered With Praise At Cannes Film Festival 2015 For ‘Sicario’
Emily Blunt Gets Showered With Praise At Cannes Film Festival 2015 For ‘Sicario’

Emily Blunt got so much praise at Cannes Film Festival 2015 for her work in ‘Sicario’ that she didn’t know what to do.

Good thing that her co-star Josh Brolin was nearby for support.

Let’s hope that her husband John Krasinski isn’t getting jealous of her spotlight!

According to USA Today, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ star admitted that she isn’t very good at taking the spotlight.

“British people have a really hard time with that,” Emily Blunt said.

“We have a hard time with ongoing enthusiasm and being the center of attention.” But Emily Blunt wasn’t afraid of being the center of attention when she criticized Cannes Film Festival 2015 policy on female stars wearing heels on the red carpet.

Seeing how ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ star’s husband John Krasinski is taking care of her baby girl Hazel as she is promoting ‘Sicario’ with Josh Brolin at Cannes, we can be sure that she is a big feminist.

According to The Telegraph, “Emily Blunt, the British actress, has led furious criticism of the Cannes Film Festival for its policy on high heels, after women in flat shoes were revealed to have been turned away from premieres.” To quote ‘Sicario’ actress, she said: “Everyone should wear flats, to be honest… It’s very disappointing, obviously.

You kind of thought there were waves of people realising that women are just as fascinating and interesting to watch, and just as bankable as men.” Emily Blunt is debuting at Cannes FIlm Festival 2015 with Josh Brolin in a movie called ‘Sicario’.

Seeing how ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ actress’ movie career has really been taking off, her husband John Krasinski is putting in more hours in taking care of their baby girl Hazel.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in ‘Sicario’, “Emily Blunt plays an FBI agent in the upcoming thriller Sicario, which is quite the departure from her most recent role in the dark musical Into the Woods.

On Tuesday, Lionsgate released new photos from the film ahead of its debut at the Cannes Film Festival this month.” And with ‘Sicario’ debuting at Cannes Film Festival 2015, Emily Blunt is poised to take the next step in Hollywood.

Emily Blunt has been looking great post baby delivery, thanks to her diet and exercise plan.

All her fans agree that she doesn’t look sickly or unhealthy.

Even when her ex boyfriend Michael Buble aired dirty laundry in the media, she managed to ignore him as well.

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