Emily Blunt Credits Tom Cruise For Post Baby Recovery, Good Husband John Krasinski Ignored?

Emily Blunt Credits Tom Cruise For Post Baby Recovery

Emily Blunt Credits Tom Cruise For Post Baby Recovery, Good Husband John Krasinski Ignored?

Emliy Blunt credited her co-star of “Edge of Tomorrow” Tom Cruise for helping her recover after having her baby. The actress gave him so much credit that her fans have to wonder if her husband John Krasinski is feeling rather ignored by his baby mama.

According to Independent , Emily Blunt said that she owes everything to Tom Cruise for taking part in her post baby recovery. She said, “I always say Tom Cruise is the reason I bounced back after the pregnancy. He should be credited as the new diet pill because he asked me to do Edge of Tomorrow so I was in such good shape when I got pregnant, so after I had Hazel it was easier to bounce back.”
Let’s hope that her husband John Krasinski isn’t getting too upset about this credit!
In fact, Emily Blunt has been frequenting the media feed, Howard Stern unearthing her rocky relationship with ex Michael Buble. Luckily Emily Blunt was able to change the topic, but the fans are sure that the turned to her husband John Krasinski and baby Hazel after Howard Stern for some emotional support.
According to USA Today , Emily Blunt revealed on Howard Stern that her time with Michael Buble was cut short because of his infidelity.
She said, “We had a good time together. I loved his family, I still do. But that was heartbreak.”
When Howard Stern pushed, “Because he was not faithful.”
She said, “I don’t know, it’s complicated. Now I’m going red…I never talk about it. I never want to talk about it!”
While talk show hosts are finding ways to get into Emily’s psyche, the actress is focusing on her career and her new movie “Sicario”.
According to Belfast Telegraph, Emily Blunt made sure that she fought for the bigger movement of feminism in working on “Sicario”. She said, “We were lucky we had a writer and director and literally a studio who were willing to make it with just a woman in the female protagonist role,” she said.
Do you think “Sicario” star will team up with Tom Cruise again for an action movie?

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