Elle Fanning New Haircut Makes Her Feel Strange; ‘Maleficent’ Star Reveals Reason For Going Brunette Despite Being Blonde Her ‘Whole Life’

Fans were surprised when Elle Fanning new haircut made its debut at the Los Angeles “Boxtrolls” premiere over the weekend.

Known for her blonde hairstyle, some had a difficult time recognizing the “Maleficent” actress.

Elle Fanning’s new haircut, however, was not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

The 16-year-old admits to chopping and dyeing her locks because of her upcoming role in a film.

In an interview with E! News , she admits to having a difficulty in searching for dresses that would complement her hair’s new hue.

She also said that despite having blonde hair her “whole life,” being brunette made her look like her mother.

Dakota Fanning’s sister will be starring in “Trumbo” alongside Diane Lane and Bryan Cranston who will be playing the role of her parents, Cleo and Dalton.

The film will revolve around the life of a blacklisted Communist screenwriter.

The film will be released in 2015.

Meanwhile, the “We Bought a Zoo” actress will be busy this October as she promotes two films.

Her sci-fi drama with Nicholas Hoult and Michael Shannon entitled “Young Ones” will hit theater screens on October 17.

She will also have a participation in Joe Albany’s biopic “Low Down” which will come out October 24.

Fanning’s new animated film, “Boxtrolls,” follows the lives of “mischievous but lovable monsters.” As opposed to her usual sweet image, the Georgia teen gives life to a bratty nine-year-old.

When asked what made her interested to play Winnie’s role, she told Screenrant: “I felt like maybe she was an unexpected character for me to play, just ’cause, I don’t know, I’ve never played anyone like her before.

She has like this kind of bratty element and she’s like slightly spoiled.

But I liked how she looked so sweet on the outside but on the inside she loves like all these little grotesque things, like blood and bones, and it was just fun to play with her.

Like, you could really experiment and go all out, and that was fun to just be kind of dramatic in that way.”

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