Elder Scrolls 6 Gameplay Will Explore New Lands, New Online Release Date Comes In Free-To-Play Beta Form [NEWS]

Elder Scrolls 6 Gameplay Will Explore New Lands
Elder Scrolls 6 Gameplay Will Explore New Lands

New reports suggest that Elder Scrolls 6 gameplay will explore new lands that remain unexplored.

The update comes just as it was announced that Elder Scrolls Online will return in a free-to-play beta form. 

New gamers will no longer need to pay subscription fees for the title.

  Elder Scrolls 6 gameplay is rumored to include new enemy characters with the possibility of dragons being removed from the game.

This speculation, however, has not been confirmed by Bethesda developers working on the title.  Developers are also rumored to make a huge announcement at the upcoming E3 2015 conference in June, featuring a new gameplay trailer that may be in the works.  The game’s developers have released the newest Update 6, which includes gameplay features such as theft and murder.  The game’s developers have announced that the release date for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One consoles is set for June 9.

The company made an announcement via the Elder Scrolls Online blog.

Update 6 of Elder Scrolls Online includes a Collections feature, which allows gamers to organize their mounts, pets and costumes, Joystiq reports.

The popular Xbox One and Playstation 4 game, which was recently announced to be free-to-play, will include murder and thievery in Update 6 gameplay.


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