‘Edge Of Eternity’ Release Date For PC, PS4, And Xbox One Coming December 2015? Will It Be The Next ‘Final Fantasy’ Franchise?

‘Edge Of Eternity’ Release Date For PC
‘Edge Of Eternity’ Release Date For PC

Arguably one of the most ambitious JRPG games to come out in the future, “Edge of Eternity” will surely take JRPG fans to a trip down memory lane.

The game plans to adapt all the trademark style of popular JRPG and one can easily agree that it resembles the gameplay system of the early “Final Fantasy” installments.

Meanwhile, “Edge of Eternity” release date for PC, PS4, and Xbox One is tentatively set by Steam  on December 2015.

Watch the first teaser trailer of the game below.

Although Midgar has yet to give an official announcement regarding “Edge of Eternity” release date, Midgar founder Jeremy Maury spoke with Siliconera  to give the latest update on the game.

According to Maury, the game was initially planned for release only on mobile.

But with a very promising trailer, fans know that the game has a tremendous potential.

Thus, they are developing the game for PC as well.

“We started almost two years ago now.

As you may know we tried a first Kickstarter in 2013.

Our first idea was to make ‘Edge of Eternity’ for mobile platforms.

We thought it would be cool to offer a real JRPG experience on tablets.

But we heard the gamer’s feedback, and that’s not what they expected.

So we took it back to the start and worked on this PC/console game that they were asking for.

It’s even more exciting for us!” he said.

“It’s been more than a year now and here we are back on Kickstarter with a demo we developed as ‘proof of concept’ to show of what we meant to do with this game,” he added.

Also, he confirmed that there will also be an “Edge Of Eternity” release date for PS4 and Xbox One.

“‘Edge of Eternity’ is coming to PS4 and Xbox One and that was very important to us as we believe this game belongs to current-gen consoles.” Also, the reason why they would like to bring back the classic Active Time Battle system is that it was the foundation of many JRPG games, especially the “Final Fantasy” franchise.

Moreover, it is now rarely seen in recent RPG games.

“We chose an Active Time Battle system because it has proven to be a fun way to play.

For us, it’s the perfect match between the intensity of real time and the strategic reflection of turn-based,” he said.

It’s also a combat system that we don’t see any more these days.

And we loved it as many other gamers did.

That’s why we are trying to renew it with ‘Edge of Eternity,'” he added.

For more “Edge of Eternity” release dates for PC, PS4, and Xbox One updates, stay tuned here.

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