Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires English Voice Accent? Xtreme Legends Complete Edition Review [NEWS]

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires developer Koei Tecmo has confirmed that English voice acting will be used for the game’s upcoming release date,  Push Square  reports. 

An official release date for Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires has been announced: the game will be made available on Jan.

27 in the United States and Jan.

30 in Europe.  The game will be made available in disk form for next-generation consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One-Steam will be the primary interface for PC and PS3 versions.  “Dynasty Warriors 8 once again folds the territorial conflicts of Three Kingdoms-era China into a histrionic hack and slash: it’s a formula that’s served Koei well since the turn of the century, and you’d be foolish to expect anything drastically different here,” IGN wrote in a recent review of the game.  “Yet while the publisher fair churns out the Warriors spin-offs and add-ons, the mainline entries always feel like they’ve had a bit of extra love lavished on them, and that’s certainly evident this time.

The recipe may be familiar, but Dynasty Warriors 8 skillfully addresses fan criticisms in the most engaging, well-rounded entry in the series to date.” One of the new features included in the new version of the game includes the ability to choose from 83 unique characters while being able to create and customize characters.

This gives gamers more gameplay flexibility.  Developers have also confirmed that Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires will focus more on strategic gameplay and tactical storyline navigation.  Confusion remains, however, over the question of the release date in Europe vs.

North America.     

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