Dx, Joshua Ride The Subway; Netizens Rant Over Non- Sensitivity to Pregnant Women


Dx, Joshua Ride The Subway; Netizens Rant Over Non- Sensitivity to Pregnant Women

The flaws that come with riding the subway spiraled a big blow on Seventeen’s DX and Joshua. It was when they rode the Seoul city’s subway lately. Fans witnessed a photo allegedly posted by a fan who recognized the duo in the train trip. What earned it more controversial is the fact that the mates were seating in a spot reserved for pregnant. women. Aware or not aware of the consequences of that position, social media were aghast with posts condemning the two.
They are apparently non-sensitive to the needs of pregnant mothers. To note, these are not new issues that confront celebrities. In fact, these happen when celebrities go overboard in not heeding causes like decency while breastfeeding in public, giving the elderly seats while in an unrestricted transport. wearing coats made from animal hides or fur, riding on whales that are deemed animal abuse, or having fun while running among horses in a ranch. In substantiality, netizens are always ready to come in defense of or against the acts. To show the impressions that the train ride has gathered, the rants flooded social media chats. Those who find nothing wrong with sitting in the spot have argued that should the expecting lady comes along, the two can politely give the seat to her. Others gave the idols the benefit of the doubt that they might not have seen the signs. It earned a quick response by stating that ignorance does not excuse one from obeying the law. Per AskKpop , netizens were stern in accusing the artists as inconsiderate to the status of women who are expecting. This controversy might, however, give pregnant women the favor they so deserve while riding the subway in Seoul. The Metropolitan Rapid Transit and Seoul Metro per Allkpop want promotions that will spouse the need to provide women who are heavy with a child the secure seats in the subways. The special seat controversy just made a voice: keep the accommodation open to women on the family way. The speed of social media to be on top familiar issues can spiral over pop artists who like to be ordinary people.Vigilance to signs such as this might save Dx and Joshua the discomfort next time.    

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