Dwight Howard Injury: Child Abuse Case The Real Reason For His Absence? ‘Plasma Therapy’ On Knee Makes Return Of Houston Rockets Center Uncertain!

The Houston Rockets are a team vying for contention.

They need all the help they can get on that end, and Dwight Howard is probably the focal point of their campaign.

Thus, it would definitely hurt them if the All-Star Center would miss games.

But that’s exactly what’s happening now.

The Rockets, without Howard, fell to the lowly Los Angeles Lakers and gave their first ever back-to-back wins of the season.

And now, Dwight Howard will miss another game.

ESPN reports: “There is no timetable for Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard’s return after he underwent platelet-rich plasma therapy to treat his strained right knee, coach Kevin McHale said before Saturday night’s 95-92 win against the Dallas Mavericks.

It was the second consecutive game missed by Howard, who warmed up before Wednesday’s loss to the Los Angeles Lakers before it was determined minutes before tip-off that he could not play.” The Rockets’ management did reveal the reason: “Howard underwent the PRP therapy, a cutting-edge technique that Kobe Bryant used in 2013, on Thursday.” Kobe had PRP or Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy, in Germany.

The procedure is also available in the US but Bryant had the therapy with the person who invented it.

Howard spoke with the Houston Chronicle: “It feels a lot better.

I had to get a shot in it to clear some of the stuff out of it.

I’m trying to do whatever I can to get back on the floor.” Despite the apparent transparency of the situation, there are still conspiracy theories formulated on the matter.

From the fans at NBC Sports user “theonlysaneblazerfan:” “Anybody else think it’s weird he started missing games as soon as the child abuse allegations came out? Did the rockets quietly put him on secret suspension while they wait and see how it all plays out?” The timing can be construed as suspicious but this would be very difficult to prove.


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