Dredd 2 Movie Cancelled But Adi Shankar Isn’t Waiting Around; Releases Judge Dredd Superfiend In YouTube, Announces Dredd Short With Karl Urban [VIDEO]

Dredd 2 movie cancelled? It’s doesn’t look like we’ll be getting an official sequel to “Dredd,” but fans who have been waiting for a sequel to Dredd may not be disappointed.

Karl Urban says keep hope alive.

There are things in the workds.

Dredd is based on a Britain’s 2000 AD comic’s Judge Dredd series that was created by John Wagner.

In 1995, Dredd made it to film starring Sylvester Stallone, who was nominated for a Golden Raspberry.

Fans and critics hailed the 2012 Judge Dredd franchise reboot from Pete Travis.

They liked it a lot more than Danny Cannon’s 1995 adaptation.

The makers of the first Dredd reboot adapted the “Judge Dredd” comic book as faithfully as any Dredd fans could hope.

It had over-the-top violence, a lot of dead bodies and a hero without a face.

Travis and Karl Urban, the star of Dredd, have been running with the Dredd momentum.

Karl Urban confirmed that he has been in talks to star in Dredd 2, but reports on the talks may be misldeading.

Adi Shankar, the producer for Dredd, recently admitted that a Dredd sequel won’t be happening anytime soon.

So Shankar who was tired of waiting for studio approval for a Dredd sequel dropped a six-part animated web-series Judge Dredd: Superfiend on YouTube.

Urban says he wants to put the Judge helmet on again for another installment in the franchise.

Fans are hoping that Travis and Urban, along with producer Adi Shankar, will eventually release Dredd 2.

Urban has been encouraging Dredd fans to keep hope alive.

Urban teased that the team that brouth the the first Dredd installment, like Alex Garland, who wrote the screenplay, are working “very, very hard” on a Dredd sequel.

Shankar has gone this route, either.

In addition to Superfiend, Shankar has produced two short films involving Marvel characters that the entertainment juggernaut had no connection to: 2012’s The Punisher: Dirty Laundry and last year’s Venom: Truth In Journalism.

A Dredd short film has been rumored since Dredd first found success on DVD last year.


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