‘Doukyuusei’ Boys-Love Anime Movie Release Date Confirmed

'Doukyuusei' Boys-Love Anime Movie Release Date Confirmed

'Doukyuusei' Boys-Love Anime Movie Release Date Confirmed

Yaoi fangirls rejoice as the previously announced “Doukyuusei” anime movie finally has an official release date.
According to reports, the official “Doukyuusei” anime movie release date is now set for Feb. 20 in Japan. No plans for an international export have been announced, but perhaps with success in Japan, there may soon be home video release.

So far, fans in an ANN forum are expressing excitement about the upcoming movie release.
“I am so ready for this! I already got my ticket a few months ago. I can’t wait,” said GokuMew2.
Anime News Network reports that the main role of Rihito Sajo will be voiced by Kenji Nojima. Meanwhile, Hikaru Kusakabe will be voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.
The “Doukyuusei” anime film will be directed by Shouko Nakamura with character designs by Akemi Hayashi. A-1 Pictures will handle the animation production. Cheiko Nakamura will handle art direction, Ritsuko Utagawa will handle color design. Finally, guitarist Kotaro Oshio will compose the soundtrack.
Asumiko Nakamura created the original “Doukyuusei” manga series in one single volume in 2006. The series yielded a spin-off entitled “Sora to Hara” and two sequels, “Sotsugyosei” (Graduates) and “O.B.” Digital Manga Guild has licensed “Doukyuusei”
For those who are not familiar with “Doukyuusei” or “Classmates,” My Anime List provides the following description of the story:
“The story begins during music class before the chorus festival, when male student Kusakabe Hikaru notices that the bespectacled honor student Sajou Rihito is not singing. Although he thinks that Rihito just doesn’t like singing, he finds him practicing alone in the classroom after school. Without even thinking, Hikaru calls out to him.”

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