DoubleS301 awaits Kim Hyun Joong’s return, says singing together possible

DoubleS301 awaits Kim Hyun Joong's return

DoubleS301 awaits Kim Hyun Joong's return, says singing together possible

There is something to look forward to when the controversial Kim Hyun Joong returns following his military enlistment. DoubleS301 expressed interest in working with the talented artist upon his discharge from the service. The announcement was delivered during the conference that the group undertook in connection with their showcase launch of their two albums ETERNAL0  AND ETERNA 1. The group attests that most of them were  offsprings of SS501 where Kim Hyun Joong is under a contract.
The interest springs from the fact that the group has had an established rapport with the artist for quite some time. DoubleS301 comprises of members who were formerly with  SS501. Although the desire to work with him is a brilliant collaboration, the members maintain that they are not imposing it on him right now, For one, he is still in the military service. Still another concern is the stress the singer underwent both personal and professional before his mandatory enlistment. The  DoubleS301  artist was under fire for a scandalous relationship with a girlfriend whom he begot a son with. He was under severe tension before his entry in the recruitment. Fans await the collaborations since artists involved possess unyielding professionalism and artistry. SS501 led by Kim Hyun Joong is famous for hits like Be Nice to Me, Because am Stupid, Kiss Kiss and Beauty Beauty among the auspicious list of a discography. Heo Young-Saeng, Kim Kyu-jong, and Kim Hyung, on the other hand, comprise DoubleS301, a subgroup of SS501 which Kim Yun Jun is a lead artist. SB Creative Works manages the group. The talks of collaboration come at the time when rumors are circulating about trouble in the management and SS501 disbanding. December 2016 marks DoubleS301’s comeback as a powerful group in the K-pop music industry. Eterna 0 and Eterna 1, two mini albums conclude their Eternal album series.    

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