‘Doctor Who’ Season 9 Set Photos Spoilers: Osgood, School Children Zygon Confirmed, Plus Alex Kingston Teases River Song Return!

'Doctor Who' Season 9 Set Photos Spoilers: Osgood
'Doctor Who' Season 9 Set Photos Spoilers: Osgood

Could the Zygons, River Song and Osgood return all in one season of “Doctor Who?” Recent season 9 spoilers may point to yes.

Recently, set photos emerged for “Doctor Who” season 9, and it appears filming for the two-episode block involving Osgood and the Zygons have nearly wrapped.

“The Time Lord took to the slide and swings at Canal Park in Butetown when the actors and crew returned to one of their old haunts,” said Wales Online.

“Capaldi was seen rehearsing a scene for episode 7 of series 9 before he was joined by school children taking on the roles of extras during the early morning shoot.” According to later reports by Doctor Who TV, it appears the school children are in fact Zygons.

But they’re not the only Zygons in disguise.

After announcing a surprising return to “Doctor Who” season 9, actress Ingrid Oliver is back as Osgood, and recent spoilers show that Osgood in an alternate costume was seen at Canal Park.

“A double joined her dressed in different clothes, suggesting one of the Osgoods is a Zygon,” said the Doctor Who TV article.

Meanwhile, Whovians are still hoping for a River Song return on “Doctor Who,” and while nothing so far has indicated that for season 9, actress Alex Kingston does point out one thing that says it’s not the end for River.

“All I can say is…spoilers,” said Kingston at Mega-Con according to Den of Geek .

“But what I will say is the sonic screwdriver that I had in ‘Silence in The Library,’ which had been given to me by the Doctor, is not the sonic screwdriver that has been seen…yet.”    

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