DJ Justin Oh Praises Sistar’s Hyolyn For Sexy Badass Performance In ‘Jekyll & Hyde’

DJ Justin Oh Praises Sistar's Hyolyn For Sexy Badass Performance In 'Jekyll & Hyde'

DJ Justin Oh Praises Sistar's Hyolyn For Sexy Badass Performance In 'Jekyll & Hyde'

Justin Oh is no doubt one of the most popular South Korean EDM artists to date. And with his recent comeback record, “Jekyll & Hyde”, he gained massive success as he also features Sistar’s Hyolyn in his song. Justin Oh indeed had a debut on the international stage because he managed to successfully pull off the fact that he is the first ever Korean artist to work with Spinnin’ Records, a reputable EDM records label. “Jekyll & Hyde” is also the first ever K-pop dance crossover single that Spinnin’ Records released, apart from the fact that he also featured another K-pop artist in the name of Hyolyn of Sistar. DJ Justin Oh is best known for him incorporating unique sounds to his music, such as having an EDM, K-pop, Future Bass and Trap genre all mixed up on his recordings.
According to Soompi , in one of the recently held interviews with DJ Justin Oh, the K-pop artist praises Sistar’s Hyolyn for her exemplary performance in his recent single. During the interview, he says that every artist has his or her own identity and style to one’s music. He then says that featuring an artist in a song is all about picking the perfect match for the song’s melody and personality. He says that featuring Younha in “Stay With Me” was the right choice because of the bubbly and hopeful personality of the song, which matches Younha’s vibe. DJ Justin Oh then added that Hyolyn was also the perfect choice for him to feature in “Jekyll & Hyde” as the song has a sexy, cool and badass feel to it, which perfectly connects with the personality of Hyolyn. According to Billboard , for Justin Oh, everything went out smooth with his recent collaboration with Sistar’s Hyolyn, as she was the perfect artist to get featured in “Jekyll & Hyde”. Hopefully, DJ Justin Oh and Sistar’s Hyolyn will have more future music collaborations in the future.

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