Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Continues To Rake In Money With Merchandise; Actress Playing Elsa Multiplies Original Paycheck Ten Times!

Disney’s “Frozen” continues to rake in money from merchandise sales as the actress playing Elsa multiplied her original paycheck by ten times.

The   NY Times   reported how Disney’s “Frozen” generated more dollars for the studio by cashing on in the merchandise sales.

Although sales based on brands alone are on a decline, the publication reported that Disney’s “Frozen” “appears to be impervious to the trend.” “It helps that the company is not selling products based on the quality of craftsmanship, but based on the quality of its stories.

Disney also specializes in selling affordable luxuries,” the report added.

The popularity of Disney’s “Frozen” merchandise is also tied to the growing market of girls fashions.

While most people will think that “Disney princesses” have been around for a very long time, they weren’t that popular until the 90s.

“Disney really began to focus on princesses in 2000, after a new executive went to see a ‘Disney on Ice’ show and was struck by how many of the girls in the audience were wearing homemade princess costumes,” it said.

Meanwhile, “Frozen” voice actress Spencer Laney Ganus was paid a pittance compared to the $1.2 billion gross box-office sales of the animated movie worldwide, said TMZ .

“The 15-year-old voiced one of the most iconic characters in Disney history …

but only got a one-day guaranteed payment of $926.20 …

this according to her contract which was filed with the court,” it said.

“Granted she only had a few lines.

Another actress played young Elsa, and Idina Menzel was the voice of grown-up Elsa.” But MailOnline   published the clarification that “Frozen actress Spencer Laney Ganus was actually paid an additional $10,000 “in residual checks.” In fact, she will be doing more voice-over work for Disney so the report of her being underpaid is totally overblown.

As to the money, she said, it will go into her college fund.

The “Frozen” actress also lent her voice to “Happy Feet” and “Ice Age.”

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