Disney ‘Tower Of Terror’ Movie Reboot Is In The Planning Stages, Could This Be The Next Flop?

Disney  'Tower Of Terror' Movie Reboot Is In The Planning Stages

Disney  'Tower Of Terror' Movie Reboot Is In The Planning Stages, Could This Be The Next Flop?

Disney “Tower Of Terror” movie is in the works.
Disneyland has a number of rides that have been around since the park’s opening many years ago. There have been a number of different attractions added through the years with the growing list of Disney characters and films.

Thrill rides are always a lot of fun to ride, especially if getting a rush of adrenalin is what you’re looking for. Disney’s “Tower Of Terror” movie will hopefully deliver the same kind of thrill and adventures that the iconic park ride does.
This new Disney “Tower Of Terror” movie shouldn’t be confused with a movie of the same title made in 1997. The new movie will be based on the same ride attraction but it will be a reboot and not a continuation of the first film.
“Five people in a posh hotel take an elevator and disappear after it is hit by lightning,” reported Deadline. Apart from following the same theme as the first movie, “Big Fish” writer John August and producer Jim Whitaker worked on going towards a different direction concept-wise.
Empire Online reported that Disney is already starting to search for someone to write and expand the concept that was agreed on. The talk of directors will presumably follow, but this isn’t the first priority for the company.
For those who have never heard of the ride, “Tower Of Terror” is an accelerated drop tower ride based on “The Twilight Zone.” It takes place in the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in California where people have mysteriously disappeared because of an eerie supernatural event.
There is no release date announced yet as it is too early in the pre-production stages to do so.

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