Discouraging Michael Schumacher News Update Revealed? F1 Champion’s Condition Better But…

The latest Michael Schumacher news update from his friend is very discouraging even if the F1 champion’s condition appeared to be better.

Fans who are looking for Michael Schumacher news update got one from Formula One driver Philippe Streiff but it won’t be the one they want to hear.

“It’s very difficult.

He can’t speak.

Like me, he is in a wheelchair, paralysed.

He has memory problems and speech problems,” he said in an interview over the radio, as reported by New Zealand’s Stuff  magazine .

Streiff himself is confined to a wheelchair after suffering a horrendous accident during a pre-qualifying test in Brazil in 1989.

According to multiple reports, Michael Schumacher’s condition is already costing the family $183,000 each week from the 15 medical experts caring for him 24/7.

Physical therapists massage his muscles each day to prevent atrophy.


Jean-Francois Payen also said that there’s some progress in the former seven-time champion’s condition, according to The Independent .

“I have seen some progress but I would say give him time.

It’s like other patients, we are in a timescale that ranges from one year to three years, so it takes patience,” Dr Payen said last week.

Formula 1 World Championship Dr Gary Hartstein told The Express , that the sparse Michael Schumacher news update coming from his camp has led to a lot of speculations.

“We are told, with what seems to be a bit of a triumphal air, that Michael is no longer in a coma,” he said.

“I cannot help but think this is highly cynical use of language, using the truth to convey an impression that is almost certainly false.” The doctor, who has known Michael Schumacher for years, explained: “I cannot help but think that if Michael had emerged at all from the minimally conscious state we would be told that he is having problems expressing himself and will work hard to get better or that he is having to learn to walk, read and write all over again.” When sought to dish out Michael Schumacher news in light of Streiff’s comments, the F1 racer’s spokerswoman Sabine Kehm said that Streiff “did not have contact with us” and that he’s entitled to his own opinions.

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