‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Release Date Announcement Confirmed With New Key Visual [PHOTO]

'Digimon Adventure Tri' Release Date Announcement Confirmed With New Key Visual [PHOTO]
'Digimon Adventure Tri' Release Date Announcement Confirmed With New Key Visual [PHOTO]

  Spring 2015 anime season is officially underway with most series that premiered this season reaching their second and third episodes this week.

Unfortunately, “Digimon Adventure Tri” is not one of them.

After rumors and speculation that “Digimon Adventure Tri” would premiere this April, with the hatch of the most recent digi-egg it appears that the series will not be released this season.

Instead, the recently hatched egg revealed that the “Digimon Adventure Tri” release date would be announced May 6 alongside an official trailer and voice cast listing for the human characters.  Additionally, a new key visual was released featuring everyone’s favorite Digimon, pictured above.

So far, fans on Crunchyroll are hoping that “Digimon Adventure Tri” is licensed for streaming outside of Japan on its website.

“I really hope this gets picked up for next Season on Crunchyroll,” commented Thatnerdyrunner95.

“I hope CR gets this.

And please let the release date be sometimes before summer.

I can’t wait,” exclaimed Stark700.

“I actually thought that this was going to come out here in April and be a spring series – now it’s sounding more like summer…

However, I REALLY hope that Crunchyroll gets this one – and for Denmark,” explained Mai-Wish.

According to Crunchyroll, NicoNico will air a marathon of the original “Digimon Adventure” before revealing the official trailer for the new series and announcing the official release date.

All of the announcements and marathons are in celebration of “Digimon Adventure’s” 15th anniversary since its original release.

The initial voice cast announcements for “Digimon Adventure Tri” are as follows: Agumon – Chika Sakamoto Gabumon – Mayumi Yamaguchi Piyomon – Katori Shigematsu Gomamon – Junko Takeuchi Palmon – Kinoko Yamada Patamon – Miwa Matsumoto Tentomon – Takahiro Sakurai Tailmon/Gatomon – Yuka Tokumitsu Although fans will have to wait for a few more weeks before knowing when they can expect “Digimon Adventure Tri,” at least there’s now time to relive the original magic of the Digi-destined and their digital pals.     

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