‘Digimon Adventure Tri’ Official Website Source Code Suggests Appearance Of ‘Digimon Adventure 02’ Kids

'Digimon Adventure Tri' Official Website Source Code Suggests Appearance Of 'Digimon Adventure 02' Kids
'Digimon Adventure Tri' Official Website Source Code Suggests Appearance Of 'Digimon Adventure 02' Kids

  Many “Digimon Adventure” fans were very excited at the announcement that there would be a sequel to the series after fifteen years since its premiere.

Now it looks like fans hoping for “Digimon Adventure 02” characters may get their wish.

According to reports from Anime News Network , “Digimon Adventure 02” character Daisuke (or Davis for the English-dub) was discovered in the source code for the official “Digimon Adventure Tri” website.

Specifically, his name was found in the source code’s keyword meta tags, suggesting that “Digimon Adventure 02” characters may be making an appearance in the new “Digimon Adventure Tri” film series sequel.

While there are like “02” fans all over the globe, there seemed to be a distinct argument against “Digimon Adventure 02” in an ANN forum .

“Oh, my God….I was hoping never to hear nor see Davis’ name anywhere near Digimon Adventure tri..

In my opinion, he was the worst leader in the history of Digimon,” said Animechic420.

“He was bossy, overly confident, hated TK, always jonesing for Kari, seemingly trying to get between the two, name began with a ‘D’….

The list goes on.” This post was followed up with several agreements that “Digimon Adventure 02” was not well-received among fans of the original series.

“I hope he’s not a main character in tri.

I really disliked 02 a lot,” added Thekingsdinner.

Despite the adamancy for or against Daisuke/Davis to appear, it is still largely unclear whether “Digimon Adventure 02” characters will appear in the new series.

This is especially true since the only characters announced (and their voice cast counterparts) have been that of the original Digi-destined and their digimon.

Nevertheless, fans can at least now know how long they will have to wait for the highly anticipated sequel, “Digimon Adventure Tri.” Recently announced as a six-part film series instead of a TV anime, the first film will be released on November 21.


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