Diem Brown’s Cancer Battle Continues; MTV Reality Star Faces Setback

MTV reality star Diem Brown’s cancer battle continues as she faces a minor setback in her attempt to better her condition.

In relation to MTV  reality star Diem Brown’s cancer, which she is afflicted with for the third time, the reality star was slated to undergo chemo therapy but had to forego it as doctors found out that she had a tumor in her kidneys.

Brown, who has recently been diagnosed with colon cancer battled and won over ovarian cancer two times in the past, was hospitalized on Thursday.

In an interview with People magazine, Brown shared how she felt when she found out about the discovery of the tumor.

“I was so frustrated that it seems my body keeps throwing me curve balls over and over,” Brown said.

“It’s hard to keep your spirit and your mind positive …

But I’m glad we are catching these curve balls and fixing them, one by one.” Brown shared that she was supposed to get her “chemo coktail” on Tuesday but when results from her blood test came out, they found that her kidney levels were high, so she only had one of the two chemos.

“They told me there I had complete blockage of my left kidney and 75 percent blockage of my right because of swelling and tumors, so they had to do a surgery and put in stents so things could flow normally again,” she explained.

While MTV  reality star Diem Brown’s cancer battle continues, friends and family show their support as she fights the ordeal.

E! correspondent Alicia Quarles, who happens to be a good friend of Brown, went to visit her in the hospital after the emergency surgery.

She posted a photo of her visit on her Instagram account and captioned it: “Clearly we were delirious last night in the ER.

@diembrown & @JulieRotondi are the best at making lemondate out of lemons.

I’m pretty sure doctors could not wait for Jules & I to leave & stop terrorizing them.”

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