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DIA’s One Of All Songs In Upcoming Mini Album Will Feature Trot Singer Hong Jin Young

DIA's One Of All Songs In Upcoming Mini Album Will Feature Trot Singer Hong Jin Young

DIA is a new girl group who has a great potential. Having Chaeyoung who was previously in IOI, the group has made appearances in some shows. Having the first mini album with “Do It Amazing” to represent the name of the group, they will soon be back with new album and will feature with Hong Jin Young. According to AllKpop , the group would soon release their new mini album and one of the songs would feature trot singer Hong Jin Young. The mini album would have 7-8 songs, which all of them were composed by the members themselves. The title song would be “Wanna Date Me?”
In December last year, the members already gave a hint about their upcoming mini album. They had solo concert at that time and they revealed the songs would consist of many genres from ballad to semi-trot. The group was once in a controversy as Chaeyoug rejoined the group she left before, DIA. She once left the group to take trainee status again as she felt lacking in many ways. Then, she succeeded becoming the final 11 and joined temporary group IOI. After some time, she decided to join DIA again. As the fans were asking about her decision, she then made an apology in her instagram that she decided to rejoin DIA despite of her schedule with IOI, according to Soompi . Despite the controversy, the group was doing fine and they take one to another step towards their fame. The girl group from MBK Entertainment was having a hard time when people mocked them hearing the MR version of them singing. They said it was really bad. Moreover, with the fact that Chaeyoung was having plastic surgery when she was eighteen, some people weren’t really fond of it. But as the members keep doing their best, they are slowly taking the spotlight. Moreover, they have been working hard in their music and appearances on TV. As for the loyal fans of DIA, this upcoming mini album has been waited. Read Next: Sungjae, Han Kyun Hyung Wowed Everyone Showcasing 2017 ‘Akii Classic’ New S/S Collection