‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Season 2 In The Works For 2017?

'Descendants Of The Sun' Season 2 In The Works For 2017?

'Descendants Of The Sun' Season 2 In The Works For 2017?

The hit drama “Descendants of the Sun” is likely getting a second season. In a recent interview with the director of KBS’s drama department, Jeong Seongho, he talked about plans for “Descendants of the Sun: Season 2.”  When asked how he felt about the drama ending, Seongho responded with, “I want to thank all the viewers that watched the show and showed it so much love. I would like to repay them by giving the show a second season.” “I’ve already reached out to KBS and hope to repay their support by creating another season of the show,” he added.
However, in the next question, Seongho was asked to clarify if the next season would be a continuation of previous events. He responded with, “One of the head writers, Kim Wonsuk, said that they have a lot to live up to if they call it ‘Season 2.’ We’ll have to keep adjusting to see whether to make it focus on the army or choose a different theme.” “Since ‘Descendants’ was the most popular program all year, we are looking to keep that momentum going by releasing a new project in 2017,” Seongho continued, expressing his desire to continue the story.

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