Derrick Rose Injury: Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau Says Rose ‘Has Got To Go!’ Is He Frustrated With Former NBA MVP? Windy City Fans Losing Patience!

Has Derrick Rose worn his welcome in Chicago? It’s almost impossible since he is actually a hometown hero.

But his coach is already questioning why he keeps missing games or taking himself out of it even when the team needs him.

The Bulls are battling a spate of injuries.

At any one time, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Taj Gibson, Kirk Hinrich and even Pau Gasol have been out, sometimes three of them all at once.

From ESPN: “When asked if Rose looked fatigued in the second half of Monday’s game, something the 26 year-old discussed before Monday’s shootaround in regard to his muscle recovery after missing over a week, Thibodeau chafed.” Thibodeau has always been supportive of his main man, so this is somewhat a surprise: “Oh I don’t know.


He’s got to get out there and play,” Thibodeau said.

“I thought he did a lot of good things.

You could see he’s not real comfortable with the ball yet, but that will come.

When Derrick strings some games together he’s going to take off.

He’s got to go.

That’s the bottom line.

He’s got to go.” Basketball Insiders also took a hint: “Rose recently caused a lot of controversy by saying that he was thinking about the long-term picture and didn’t want to be hurting during his post-playing days, even if it means sitting out games now.

However, patience seems to be wearing out in Chicago.

Championship windows don’t stay open often and right now the Bulls are a legitimate title contender, especially with the Cleveland Cavaliers struggling the way they are.

And, faith in Rose looks to be lower than ever, as all Thibodeau could say when asked if he thought if Rose would be available for their next game against the Denver Nuggets, the second of a back-to-back, was ‘Jeez, I hope so.'” Derrick Rose should man up and play if he can.

Otherwise, he should admit that he is injured.

They owe it to the fans who have supported him through two seasons of injury.


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