Derek Jeter Girlfriend Hannah Davis Hugged Him On The Field In The Midst Of Thousands Of Fans To Celebrate His Sensational Last Run

American baseball shortstop, Derek Jeter, playing his 20th and final season in MLB (Major League Baseball) hugged his girlfriend Hannah Davis on the field celebrating his exceptional last run.

40-year-old Derek Jeter’s last home run was on Sept.

25 in Yankee Stadium was everything fans could have asked for and a lot more.

With scoring the game-winning run, he made the final score 6-5.

This was his last home run.

Derek hugged his gorgeous 24-year-old model girlfriend on the filed right after the game.

The American fashion model stayed glued to game and was in the stands throughout supporting her man, Jenner.

What a special moment! It is tough to decide the luckier one in the pair as every woman wants Derek and every man wants to be with the 24-year-old gorgeous Hannah Davis.

There is no doubt that Derek and Hannah are super-hot pair! Jorge Posada, a fellow player informed Derek, who was kneeling on his shortstop that his parents, nephew and his beautiful girlfriend were all sitting behind home plate waiting to surprise the 20-year veteran.

Running over behind the home plate, Derek tried to reach out to his mother and Hannah through the netting.

It was an extremely cute moment when Yankees player said a few words to his mother while the pair held hands through the netting.

Hannah along with his mother and nephew anxiously waited to greet their man.

After the game, the couple shared a sweet hug on the field in the presence of numerous fans at the Yankee Stadium.

Beaming ear to ear, Hannah showed a little PDA (public display of affection) with Derek who without a doubt was the man of the night.

On Sept.

25, as Derek took his final bow, Yankee Stadium was full of emotion.

This extremely talented, humble man will definitely be missed in baseball.


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