Derek Jeter Commercial: Gatorade Airs Ad Showing New York Yankees Shortstop Saluting His Fans In Yankee Stadium; Celebrates His Baseball Career [PHOTO]

In Derek Jeter’s new commercial for Gatorade, he walks around New York City while being filmed in black and white, and is simultaneously serenaded by Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Could it get any classier? FTW USA reports that the ad shows Jeter interacting with fans and saluting them in the Yankee Stadium.

Its airing has managed to evoke many emotions, as Jeter’s days as a player are dwindling.

  According to Forbes , Jeter’s final homestand begins Thursday against Toronto.

His retirement has become a hot topic – as the Nationals’ Bryce Harper put it, “Jeter is not just the captain of the Yankees but the captain of all baseball,” expressing the admiration that many harbor towards the player.

That admiration has definitely been earned – according to the New York Times , Jeter has made roughly 324,000 bat swings in his career.

Among other statistics, it has taken about 1,300 swings for each of his home runs.

He is the career playoff leader in postseason hits, games played, and singles and doubles.

Jeter’s teammate Mark Teixeira commented, “I you had told me it was a million, I wouldn’t have been surprised,” expressing his assurance in Jeter’s batting ability.

Jeter commented on the subject, “It’s just what we do.

It’s part of the job.

People in other fields do things over and over again in their jobs, I’ve just been doing this a long time,” expressing that what he does is nothing special.

Good try, Jeter.

Good try.

Beginning next Monday against the Orioles, the Yankees’ territory will be laden with Gatorade coolers and cups, and towels with altered No.

2 logos in place of Gatorade’s G.A.

print ad will appear in the New York Daily news and the New York Times.

These efforts were made in order to help Jeter thank his fans.

Forbes reports that Jeter will end his career on the road against Boston on September 28.

Watch the commericla here:   

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