Decoding The Mood Behind The ‘TRBL’ Rebel Named DEAN

Decoding The Mood Behind The 'TRBL' Rebel Named DEAN

Decoding The Mood Behind The 'TRBL' Rebel Named DEAN

Soothing vocals. Good looks. Outstanding talent. R&B singer DEAN managed to attract local and international attention with his musical abilities. With the successful release of his debut album mood 130 : TRBL last month , KpopStarz got the exclusive information decoding the mystery behind the EP and the songs by the Rebel singer.

For some, ‘ TRBL’ might be just an ordinary album telling a story about love, but the concept of the album, along with the packaging, goes beyond.
Receiving exclusive details from DEAN’s team, we learned that ‘ TRBL’ is an album that uses the metaphors of “crush” and “hit” when it comes to the feelings of falling in love and breaking up. When physically looking at the album and listening to the tracks, the whole package carries the concept similar to police investigations with the use of siren, polaroids, lyric cards and more. If turned upside down or listened to from last to first, the songs talk about the different stages of love.
However, there’s more to than just the front and back album covers. Fans are encouraged to open the album’s booklet to get the whole “crime scene experience.”
“Each song is written so the more you listen, the more you discover about the story,” Joombas Music Group said. “If you simply look at the lyrics, they tell the common tragedy of a man whose love for a woman leads to her death. But the song ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ starts with the lyrics, ‘ Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number and dial again,’   encouraging us to listen again. And again. And again, uncovering a myriad of nuances with each rewind.
Dean has created something stunning, and there is more to come. He intends to make 130 Mood a series of albums, and if this is the first, one can only imagine what more Dean has to offer the music scene.” 
DEAN’s Team reached out to KpopStarz and gave us the break down on the analysis of the new tracks off TRBL  for fans to enjoy and analyze the crime investigation-themed concept of the album.
Check out the meaning behind the new tracks below!

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