Deadpool To Appear In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse?’ Merc With A Mouth Allegedly Wants To Join Mutant Super Group! Will They Take Him Seriously?

The “Deadpool” movie will be shown a mere two months before “X-Men: Apocalypse” so it’s likely that Fox can make a crossover happen.

Actually, they can even have Deadpool as an ally of the X-Men.

What if he wants to join the team?

It is not an idea totally out of left field since it was an actual plotline in the comics.

What Culture recalls:   “In the comics Deadpool makes consistent efforts to be inducted into the X-Men before settling for X-Force, so could Apocalypse see Reynolds pestering the (probably) newly cast Cyclops and Storm characters before being given a role in a new film franchise?” With such a thin time frame between the movies, Fox has to decide on including Deadpool even before the solo movie comes out.

The “Apocalypse” release date is in the same month as “Captain America: Civil War” which already promises an all star cast including no less than Tony Stark/Robert Downey, Jr.

There are still some casting decisions to be made but it is easy to assume that Fox will need all the firepower it can get.

However, there are certain misgivings about including Deadpool in a movie that like “Apocalypse” with its overtly dark theme because even though they are part of the same universe, the respective moods of the two films may be poles apart.

There are already questions how the comedy might digress too much: “The risk with this is that the film (Deadpool) may dissolve into little more than an action packed comedy film, devoid of plot and substance.

Following Deadpool as he slays an almost never ending cascade of enemies would entertain younger audiences, but it would leave many fans leaving cinemas somewhat disappointed.

A Deadpool film has to contain blood, guts, swearing, fighting and innuendos.

But, it also requires the correct scenario to allow these parts to shine.

If the film lacks this, it could give us just another poor version of Deadpool.” Fox has to strike a balance with comedic relief and a solid plot that coincides with the ‘cinematic universe’ going forward.


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