‘Deadpool’ Cast Ryan Reynolds, Body Double Spring Into Action In Canada; Set Photos Promises Exciting Plot

'Deadpool' Cast Ryan Reynolds
'Deadpool' Cast Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has already started filming “Deadpool” in Canada, finally putting to rest the rumors surrounding the casting of everybody’s favorite Merc.

Photos of the set were published on Comic Book , showing Ryan Reynolds and his stunt doulbe filming a very familiar scene.

“Tim Miller’s R-rated superhero film began filming on the viaduct yesterday and will continue to do so until April 16th,” the article noted.

“It appear as though they are bringing the scene shown in the test footage to life.

That Deadpool was computer-generated, but now they can add in a live-action version since Fox gave them the green light.” The leaked footage of a CGI Deadpool was released in the middle of last year and has since generated over five million hits.

The clip was supposed to gauge fan reaction to a “Deadpool” movie, with Ryan Reynolds in the lead.

Ryan Reynolds already played Wade Wilson aka Deadpool before in the 2009 film “X Men Origins: Wolverine.” However, that character-which shoots laser beams from his eyes and his mouth shut tight-was largely panned by critics.

The creator of “Deadpool,” Rob Liefeld, said that Ryan Reynolds will be associated with the character much like Robert Downey was with Iron Man.

“In the same manner that Robert Downey Jr.

co-opted Tony Stark/Iron Man and now seems to ‘own’ him in that way that you can’t imagine Iron Man without him, that’s what will happen with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool.

The Tony Stark I grew up with wasn’t as snappy and as quippy as Downey Jr.

made him, but now I only think of his performance,” he said per Variety .

“Prepare for an experience that you haven’t encountered yet,” Rob Liefeld said of Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool.” “It’s a new template in the way that ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ established a new tone for the franchise.

‘Deadpool’ will do the same.”

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