‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date, Rumors And Speculations; Game To Be Released In September

‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date
‘Dead Island 2’ Release Date

After all the hype the zombie game has been getting and after being compared to “Dying Light,” “Dead Island 2” is expected to have its release date announced within the year after years of delay.

Initially planned to be out in July, Deep Silver recently revealed that “Dead Island 2” release date would be moved until September, as reported  by iDigital Times.

Meanwhile, in a report  by Red Bull after conducting an exclusive interview with Deep Silver boss and “Dead Island 2” senior programmer Isaac Ashdown, hinted that the company has already set what fans should expect on the upcoming game.

“The trailer definitely matches the tone we’re going for,” Ashdown said.

“It’s a kind of lighthearted take on what would happen if a zombie apocalypse came to California, and all the people who stayed behind saw it as an opportunity for a new way of life.” Ashdown, who also worked on the first installation of the series, compared the part one with its sequel and claimed that the upcoming title would have a different feel and direction from what was seen on its first release.

A new tone has been set by the creators for the gamers to get a different feel for the sequel of the game.

“When you looked at the first game and the tone of the trailer, and then at how people were playing it, there was a kind of disconnect,” he continued.

“There was a disconnect between what the game was trying to get them to feel, and what they were actually doing.

So we’ve gone the direction of creating a game with a tone that matches how people actually played.”

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