‘Days Of Our Lives Spoilers’: Is Eve Pregnant With JJ’s Baby? Paige’s Boyfriend Finally Opens Up To Daniel – What The Fans Are Saying

Fans have to brace themselve because “Days of Our Lives” spoilers this week have somethig to about Eve and JJ’s misdeed.

Still being haunted by guilt, JJ finally confesses to Daniel.

JJ then confronts Eve which means that the two might wind up sleeping with each other again.

Will there be a possibility for Eve to be pregnant with JJ’s baby? While some might argue that Eve might be a little old to conceive, nothing is impossible in “Days of Our Lives.” “Days of Our Lives” spoilers on November 13 will make it appear as if JJ and Paige have patched things up but on November 14, the fiery confrontation between JJ and Paige’s mother will take place.

Meanwhile, here are some fans’ reactions about JJ and Eve’s affair: Darrell and Teena Owen think that the new angle destroyed the storyline: “I have always loved Days for 44 years, but this thing with JJ and Eve just makes me sick.

I was hoping that at least they would keep that relationship clean! With the two sweet and innocent young adults, but there is no way to fix it now! What else can they do to screw up everyone on the entire show!” Sharon Maclean believes that JJ exhibited poor judgment: “Why would he risk everything if he loves Paige so much? Why would he go with the mother especially how much Eve hates his mother Jennifer?” Dana Steven thinks it is unfair for Eve to ruin her daughter’s happiness: “Eve deserves every bit of misery she gets.

Meddling in her daughters happiness just because shes a judgemental witch, yeah, I’d say she deserve it.” Susan Costley wants “Day of Our Lives” to show more happy couples: “The only loving couple on the show now is Victor and Maggie and they hardly ever show them anymore.

i have enough tragedy and sadness in my life.

i would like to see a happy ending once in awhile.” What do you think of the writers’ decision to develop JJ and Eve’s affair?

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