DAY6’s ‘Dance Dance’ Topped iTunes Charts In 14 Different Countries

DAY6's 'Dance Dance' Topped iTunes Charts In 14 Different Countries

DAY6's 'Dance Dance' Topped iTunes Charts In 14 Different Countries

DAY6 recently released “Dance Dance” for their “Every DAY6 May.” After its release, it topped iTunes charts in 14 different countries. “Every DAY6” is part of the yearly project by DAY6. They have released two songs every single month. For May 2017, the boys released “Dance Dance” and “Man in a Movie.” The title track “Dance Dance” was released on May 8 and soon it topped iTunes K-Pop charts in USA, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and many more with total of 16 countries, AllKpop  reported.
For the song “Dance Dance”, all members of DAY6 worked together with Hong Ji-Sang and Lee Woo-min Collapsedone to create the music. For the lyrics, it was written by Young K. The MV is in black and white showing the boys having fun playing music and also dancing, Moonrok  reported. DAY6 is a talented band because they mostly compose their own songs. They also show their versatility in the entertainment industry. One of the members, Jay, is really good at hosting “After School Club” with Jimin and Kevin. DAY6’s concept is different from other boy groups in K-Pop. They play instruments and sing the songs live on stage. The don’t do dance choreography like other boy groups.The band concept suits them well because they are really good with instruments and also singing. Even though the maknae Dowoon cannot really sing, but Jae, Young K, Sungjin, and Wonpil can sing the song really well. DAY6 always gets attention for their live performance. They play the instruments and sing the songs live. After their debut, DAY6 got attention for playing their own version of Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” live on MBC’s “Starry Night,” Koreaboo  reported. Before the release of “Dance Dance,” JYP Entertainment dropped several teasers of the members. Each member’s picture was given one by one to give a sneak-peek of the song. The maknae Dowoon got much attention for his cute picture. DAY6’s achievement on iTunes charts showed how the boys’ song was loved in many countries. Read Next: MBC Releases Teasers For The Upcoming Action-Thriller Drama ‘Lookout’

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