David Beckham And Son Brooklyn Involved In Car Accident, Soccer Star And Teen Reportedly ‘Shaken’

David Beckham And Son Brooklyn Involved In Car Accident
David Beckham And Son Brooklyn Involved In Car Accident

  David Beckham and his oldest son Brooklyn, 15, were involved in a scary car accident on Saturday in England.

Fortunately, neither was injured.

The 39-year-old former soccer star was reportedly driving at the time of the accident.

According to E! News , David was driving an Audi when he picked his son Brooklyn up from the training ground of the Arsenal soccer team, where the teen had just finished playing a match.

The accident occurred just outside of the grounds.

All parties involved in the crash were reportedly unharmed.

“David and Brooklyn were involved in a car accident, they did not suffer any injuries and as I understand it, both passengers in the other vehicle were unharmed,” a source told E! News.

“David and Brooklyn were shaken by the accident but thankfully OK.” The airbags in David’s Audi reportedly deployed which helped protect the father and son from injury.

Beckham’s car could not be used after the accident, however.

David, who shares four children, including Brooklyn, with his wife Victoria Beckham, appeared on Sunday at the 60 th annual London Evening Standard awards.

Victoria was photographed holding her husband’s hand tightly as they entered the black tie event.

The car crash on Saturday was not David’s first with his son Brooklyn in the vehicle.

In 2011, David and Brooklyn were involved in an accident on the hectic 405 freeway in Los Angeles.

Then, in 2013, David and Brooklyn got into an accident in front of their family home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

David also crashed his motorcycle in Los Angeles earlier this year in August.

Thankfully, Beckham, and his son, walked away from those accidents unscathed.


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