‘Daredevil’ Star Charlie Cox On Acting Blind, Season 2 And A Possible ‘Spider-Man’ Appearance

'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox On Acting Blind
'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox On Acting Blind

“Daredevil” actor Charlie Cox discusses the challenges of portraying blind lawyer-turned-masked vigilante Matt Murdock.

The star sat down with Screen Rant for an exclusive and revealed details for season 2, as well as admitted that he didn’t read the comic book growing up.

“There was something quite nice about the fact that I didn’t have any preconceived ideas,” Cox explained.

“I hadn’t grown up with Daredevil so I didn’t have an opinion on what the show should be like and who Matt Murdock should be.” What I was able to really do was read the scripts and then go back to the back catalogue and find the different series and the different writers and illustrators that best represented the show that was being written, so I could concentrate on them,” he added.

“I think if I’d grown up on ‘Daredevil’ I probably wouldn’t have cast me as Matt Murdock.” The 32 year-old actor explained how he prepped himself in portraying a blind man.

“I spent a lot of time learning how to do household chores whilst wearing a blindfold, so that when and if they presented themselves in the show I would be accomplished at it,” he shared.

“I underestimated how much you use your eyes, as an actor, they’re such a vital tool.” While the actor kept mum on season 2, he hinted at a few characters that he’d like to appear in future episodes of the show, including a certain webslinger.

“I don’t imagine this will be the case, but I love it when Spider-Man pops up, and there’s one great issue where Matt Murdock has to defend Daredevil and so Peter Parker puts on his suit for him so he can sit in the dock,” adding “o ther than that, I’d like Elektra to turn up.” NetFlix has recently greenlit “Daredevil” season 2; episode one is already available on their site .

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