Dakota Johnson Parents Oppose Relationship With Matthew Hitt, Elle Cover Girl Rekindles Romance

Dakota Johnson Parents Oppose Relationship With Matthew Hitt

Dakota Johnson Parents Oppose Relationship With Matthew Hitt, Elle Cover Girl Rekindles Romance

Dakota Johnson may be having a rocky time with her boyfriend Matthew Hitt because her parents are opposing the relationship. Why else would Elle cover girl deny that she is in relationship on public TV and at the same time be caught holding hands with Matthew Hitt?

According to Daily Mail , “Dakota Johnson and her on-again boyfriend, British musician Matt Hitt, were caught holding hands while out for a walk in New York City Sunday. The 26-year-old and her beau held tight to each other during their chilly stroll in East Village. The actress and her 28-year-old boyfriend recently rekindled their romance.”
This wasn’t the first time that they were caught spending some quality time in the city together, right after she denied the fact that she is involved with someone, let alone Matthew Hitt.
In fact, Dakota Johnson has been keeping everyone guessing about her real relationship status, even her parents! While she stated that she does not have a boyfriend, Elle cover girl seem to stick right by Matthew Hitt as New York heads into autumn.
According to Daily Mail , “Dakota wore her short, brunette tresses styled straight, and sported a bit of pink lipstick for the outing. The Black Mass actress was joined by her on-off boyfriend Matthew.”
While they weren’t PDA-ing on the street corner, they looked really intimate and was physically very close to each other throughout the walk. And now that they are holding hands, we can safely assume that their relationship is back on track.
Her parents, Melanie and Don, must also be getting confused about their daughter’s relationship status, which seems to change every morning when they get out of bed.
But as Dakota Johnson supports her parents’ career as much as her own, they might be letting her live her own life. While “Fifty Shades Darker” actress isn’t super Instagram savvy, she did use it to promote her father Don Johnson and his new show “Blood and Oil”.
Seeing how the media outlets have been going on and on about her off-and-on relationship with Matthew Hitt, this may be a good chance for Dakota Johnson to turn the public’s attention.
It could be true that Dakota herself may be confused about her own status with Matthew Hitt.
During an interview with Ellen, “50 Shades and Darker” star replied to the question “Are you in a relationship?” with a resounding “no”.
Maybe Drowners guitarist is the one complicating the relationship with “50 Shades Darker” actress.
Do you think her parents will step in to talk about this with their daughter? Let me know in the comments below!

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