Crayon Pop Sub-Unit Strawberry Milk Confirmed To Debut In October

Crayon Pop Sub-Unit Strawberry Milk Confirmed To Debut In October
Crayon Pop Sub-Unit Strawberry Milk Confirmed To Debut In October

  Good news for Crayon Pop fans! The group’s first sub-unit, confirmed to be called Strawberry Milk, will be debuting in October and it will showcase twin sisters ChoA and Way.

On September 25, ChoA was revealed to be the first member of the long awaited sub-unit.

She announced it via Crayon Pop’s official Twitter account (@crayonpop). 

Not long after, it was confirmed that the other member of the upcoming sub-unit is none other than ChoA’s twin sister, Way.

The name of their sub-unit is fitting for the sisters who both reportedly enjoy drinking strawberry milk.

Fans are now eagerly awaiting the exact date of their debut, which is said to be sometime in October.

For several weeks prior to the announcement of the members and the name of the group, Crayon Pop’s label, Chrome Entertainment, teased fans and encouraged them to guess the name of Crayon Pop’s first sub-unit.

On their Facebook page, the company expressed their gratitude to those who participated in the name guessing event and asked the fans to wait for other upcoming announcements regarding the debut of the group.

Also, a representative from Chrome Entertainment said that being twins played a major factor in launching the sub-unit.

Becuase the sisters had already caught the attention of the public, creating a twin group was a fun idea.

The company also released the group’s first teaser image where the twins display their cuteness and charm.

They wear black and white polka dot tops, bunny ears, and are playfully creating mustaches with their pigtails while pouting their lips.

Since Crayon Pop is known for their fun and quirky image, fans are now expecting to see more fun teaser images of Strawberry Milk prior to their official debut.

What sort of song and concept do you think Strawberry Milk will debut with? Let us know in the comments section below!    

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