Couples Season 5 Episode 3 [VIDEO] Jenna Jameson Plays A Diva, Juan Pablo A Know-It-All, Nikki Hates Cameras Yet Was On The Bachelor, And Dr. Jenn Loses Her Cool on VH1 Show

Couples Season 5 Episode 3 [VIDEO] Jenna Jameson Plays A Diva
Couples Season 5 Episode 3 [VIDEO] Jenna Jameson Plays A Diva

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 Couples Therapy Season 5 episode 3: The new cast of Couples therapy is seriously repulsive to watch with Jenna Jameson leading the couples in nastiness this season.

Jameson is condescending, stubborn, loud and rude.

She treats her boyfriend with no respect and then quickly realizes her mistakes, but one day she will push him too far.

And the ex porn star looks more washed up than a meth using prostitute.

In her relationship there is one rule: If Jenna isn’t happy, nobody is happy.

And Jenna is rarely happy, mostly angry and pompous.

From the moment the overly boxoted blond arrived, she has complained about everything including the colors of her walls.

Strangely, Off all of the couples on Couples Therapy in season 5, Deena, ex star of Jersey shore, and boyfriend Chris have the least serious problems and are the most mature adults on the program.

The opposite of them is Juan Pablo and girlfriend Nikki.

Juan Pablo is a know-it-all who doesn’t listen to anybody else.

When the other Couples Therapy characters or Dr.

Jenn talks to him, Juan Pablo says ‘correct…correct’ while they are talking which is so irritating.

He wants to come off as agreeable, but it only makes him look like an arrogant A-hole.

Nikki, well she isn’t mean.

She’s just incredibly stupid, by far the most obliviosu character this season.

 Why did she stay in a relationship with Juan Pablo, when ‘The Bachelor’ star won’t really commit to her.

And worse, Nikki claims she can’t stant the VH1 Couples Therapy cameras! Doesn’t she realize she signed up for reality TV?! How did she think Couples therapy could air on VH1 without the use of cameras?! Nikki says that ‘The Bachelor’ was a better reality TV envirmonment than Couples Therapy.

Well, roses, hot tub, and romantic getaways to tropical Islands isn’t the same show as the VH1 show based around working with a therapist.


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