Controversy Of Triple H’s Debut Song MV’s ‘365 Fresh’ For Its Adult Content

Controversy Of Triple H's Debut Song MV's '365 Fresh' For Its Adult Content

Controversy Of Triple H's Debut Song MV's '365 Fresh' For Its Adult Content

HyunA just made a project with two members of Pentagon. Leaving Trouble Maker behind, this trio named themselves as Triple H. They just dropped their first song MV “365 Fresh” but it soon started controversy among the viewers. HyunA with two members of Pentagon Hui and E’Dawn just released their first mini album “199X” on May 1. With the title track “365 Fresh” they brought back 90s style retro funky music. In the MV, there are many adults content about sex, murder, and suicide. Many viewers are worried that the MV will be aired on national TV where young children might watch, AllKpop  reported.
At the end of the music video, HyunA, Hui and E’Dawn did the suicide together. This explicit meaning is really sensitive because there have been many reports of suicidal kids in South Korea. Many viewers from Korea think that the theme of the MV is not appropriate. Even though many people critique the MV a lot, some fans are happy with the concept. After the release, they left comments saying that only HyunA could do this concept, the theme was extraordinary, and many more. Many of HyunA’s fans left comment saying that the diversity is what K-Pop lovers need. Still about the MV, there was a bloody scene done by HyunA. This scene really looked like a scene in a movie. The one who stirs up controversy a lot is the scene where HyunA was sleeping naked with two boys in the same bed. Many viewers taught that the scene was too vulgar, Pop Crush  reported. It seems that HyunA exposed her body too much in this MV and thus this is not appropriate for kids. For the music lovers and HunA’s fans, they like this concept for the fresh theme. They also praised this MV to look like a movie. Some even wanted to have a movie from this MV. With this debut MV for Triple H, their fans wish for their success. Read Next: Lee Min Ho Is Rumored To Marry Suzy After He Finishes His Army Duty

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