Conan O’Brien On How David Letterman Changed His Career; Praises Him As ‘Late-Night Pioneer’

Conan O'Brien On How David Letterman Changed His Career; Praises Him As 'Late-Night Pioneer'
Conan O'Brien On How David Letterman Changed His Career; Praises Him As 'Late-Night Pioneer'

TBS television host Conan O’Brien shares how David Letterman changed his career.

O’Brien, 52, shared to Entertainment Weekly an essay he wrote describing how Letterman revolutionized late night television and comedy.

“Dave’s show was that rare phenomenon,” he said.

“A big, fat show business hit that seemingly despised show business.

Dave didn’t belong, and he had no interest in belonging.” “He amused himself, skewered clueless celebrity guests, and did strange, ironic comedic bits that no one had seen on television before,” the host explained.

“Not one single writer/performer in the last 35 years has had Dave’s seismic impact on comedy,” he went on to say.

“Dave was a true revolution-and I believe his innovations are up there with the light bulb and the Twix bar,” O’Brien shared.  “Like all revolutions, it was such a seismic shift that it was disorienting and a bit messy at first, and it has taken us time to realize the sheer magnitude of the shift.” David Letterman ended his 3-and-a-half decade long career on Wednesday in his last episode of the “Late Show.” His wife, Regina, and 11-year-old son, Harry, were in attendance on his last day of filming.

“Thank you for being my family,” Letterman said.

“I love you both and really, nothing else matters, does it?” Numerous late-night show hosts, including O’Brien, gave their tribute to Letterman in their respective programs.

A choked-up Jimmy Kimmel gave his farewell message and urged audiences to tune into Letterman’s final appearance on CBS instead of his own show.

Saturday Night Live alumni Seth Meyers, meanwhile, re-created the Letterman’s intro montage on his program.

According to , former Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert will debut as the new “Late Show” host in September.

“I have nine months to make a show, just like a baby.

So first, I should find out how you make a baby,” Colbert said in a report from Deadline .

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