CNBLUE’s Yonghwa Joins Instagram

CNBLUE's Yonghwa Joins Instagram
CNBLUE's Yonghwa Joins Instagram

  CNBLUE  lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jung Yong Hwa  finally joined the image-sharing social media platform Instagram on April 28.

Fans can follow Jung Yong Hwa’s official Instagram account at @jyheffect0622 .

The handle’s numbers refer to the popular male idol’s birthday on June 22.

For his first Instagram post, Jung Yong Hwa posted the picture of a beautiful bridge, which fans pointed out was in the South Korean city Busan where the idol was spending a holiday vacation.

Since that first picture, the singer has posted several more photos in the span of two days, including selfies and a couple of videos the idol captured of rain falling and food grilling.

More than 176,000 fans are currently following Jung Yong Hwa on Instagram.

Fans welcomed the singer with greetings and complimented his beautiful photos.

“OMG welcome!” “Finally on Instagram!” and “A beautiful first photo you took oppa”, said fans.

Jung Yong Hwa is following only 18 other users, including his CNBLUE band mates Jonghyun (@hjonghyun) and Jungshin (@leejungshin91) and 2NE1’s Dara (@daraxxi).

This adds yet another channel on which fans can get updates on Jung Yong Hwa.

Prior to joining Instagram, the singer has been known to keep fans in the loop through Twitter and Weibo.

For his popularity on Twitter, Yong Hwa even received a personalized Jenga set  as a gift from the Korean office of the microblogging platform.

In between his social media posts, Jung Yong Hwa is quite the busy singer and actor, especially in China where he recently released a solo album and booked a cameo appearance on a Chinese sitcom , Diors Man .

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