CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Tops China’s Gaon Weibo Chart

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Tops China's Gaon Weibo Chart
CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa Tops China's Gaon Weibo Chart

FNC Entertainment’s band CNBLUE ‘s leader Jung Yong Hwa has topped China’s Gaon Wiebo Chart and revealed his huge popularity in China.

On November 18, Gaon Weibo Chart revealed that Jung Yong Hwa had topped this chart.

On top of this win, many of his Weibo tweets have been ranking first on the real-time hot Weibo rankings as well, receiving much attention in China.

The Gaon Weibo Chart is a collaboration between China’s social networking service Weibo and Korea’s Gaon Music Chart.

Rankings for this chart are conducted by looking at how popular their Weibo account is and where they rank on the Korea Gaon chart.

With Jung Yong Hwa currently ranking number one on this chart, he has become quite popular and is being called a ‘hallyu artist’ due to his popularity in China.

CNBLUE has been receiving continuous support and popularity in China for their live performances on stage.

Jung Yong Hwa has also appeared in many popular dramas including “Heartstrings”, “You’re Beautiful” and more and received even more of a fan base in China because of these dramas.

His most recent drama, “Three Muskateers” has also been sold in many different countries including China, making him a true ‘hallyu icon’ of this age.

On the other hand, the band will begin their ‘2014 CNBLUE LIVE-Can’t Stop’ live tour starting in Nanjing on November 29 and continue to other cities around China.

Jung Yong Hwa debuted with CNLBUE in 2010 and their first mini album title song, “I’m A Loner” was a huge hit.

It still holds the record for making the number 1 spot in the shortest amount of time for TV network music charts.

He also released hisf first solo digital single in 2011 and was also a huge success on the charts.

CNBLUE is known for self-composing most of their music and is truly a multi-talented band of this generation.

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