Club Penguin’s Pirate Party Concept Sketch Revealed! Swordfight With Pesky Crabs And Duel With Friends From November 20 – December 3! Earn Coins Via Free Codes

Club Penguin’s Pirate Party is set for this month! Buy the newest Pirate-themed items using coins received from Club Penguin codes 2014!

This November, CP members can look forward to the newest party in the Island scheduled from November 20 – December 3.

According to Club Penguin’s official blog site, this event will allow players to battle with pesky crabs via swordfights as well as enjoy a duel with friends.

A concept sketch was revealed for the Pirate Party in Club Penguin, posted on the game’s official blog page.  In line with the upcoming Pirate Party, new Furniture and Igloo Catalog was released featuring items that will allow them to build ships inside their igloos.

Furthermore, a new Penguin Style catalog is now available so “Members can swashbuckle in SEAFARIN’ STYLES!” Those who do not have enough coins to buy all the newest items released in time for the Pirate Party, can opt to redeem coin codes.

Currently, there is a multitude of Club Penguin codes 2014 that are available for redemption.

According to the comprehensive list of Club Penguin codes 2014 posted on, the 5 most recent CP codes that will unlock 1000 coins each are the following: REDPIANO, BOUNCEIT, COINPACK, HQCP2014, and 7POPCORN Meanwhile, the following are older yet still working Club Penguin codes 2014 worth 500 coins each: REDMATCH, LARANJAB, POPCORN9, FREETOUR, INGRESSO, CAPTURED, REDFINAL, PURPLE27, KLUTZYP6, 10VULCAO, CHAMPION and ANCHOR32.

There is no room for greed when redeeming Club Penguin codes 2014 as each code only works once for every member of the game.

Club Penguin is a massively multiplayer online or an MMO game designed especially for kids.

The virtual world is developed by New Horizon Interactive, currently known as Disney Canada Inc.

Disney Interactive serves as the publisher of Club Penguin which features various in-world online games and activities.

Stay tuned for more updates on Club Penguin!    

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