Club Penguin Android App Available This December! NEW Codes Worth 1500 Coins Released

The official release schedule of Club Penguin app has been announced! Currently, players can only access the kid-friendly virtual world via mobile through its iOS app.

However, according to the latest update made of the official blog site, Android users will soon have a chance to play the game on their devices.

The Club Penguin Android app will arrive on Google Play this coming December 2014.

Some of the mini-games that will initially be available in the Android app are Sushi Drop, Bean Counters, Pufflescape, Smoothie Smash, Jetpack Boose, Ice Fishing and more.

In the Club Penguin Android app, players can also change their penguin’s outfit, decorate their igloo and chat with their online buddies.

Furthermore, the post on the blog reads: “Once this main Club Penguin app is out, we plan to bring as much of the Club Penguin experience to Android as possible.

We’ll be working on other CP apps for Android in 2015.

:)”   Meanwhile, four new Club Penguin codes 2014 were recently released.

Three of these codes will give players 1500 coins each, while the remaining one unlocks a new item, according to the post on These are the freshest Club Penguin codes 2014 available: MINCEPIE – 500 coins YELLOW10 – 500 coins NEWSANTA – 500 coins DOZHDIK1 – Cloudy Umbrella Club Penguin is currently holding the Pirate Party allowing the members to have  a swordfight battle with crabs and duel with friends.

Moreover, Rockhopper is set to visit the Island this week to make the Pirate Party even more enjoyable.

Below is his schedule for the week, as listed on the blog site.

Monday, November 24  8:30am on the server Mittens  5:30pm on the server Sled Tuesday, November 25  8:30am on the server Chinook  12:30pm on the server Cozy Wednesday, November 26  8:30am on the server Chinook  3:30pm on the server Rainbow    

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