Cleveland Cavaliers Roster Now Includes Sharp-Shooting Veteran Keith Bogans From Celtics, Cavs Send 4 Players To Boston

Right after Lebron James chose to return home to Cleveland earlier this off-season, it seems all of the team’s succeeding moves get attention not just from its fans, but the entire NBA itself. 

If you’re a team building to win an NBA finals trophy in your first year together as a team, that is certainly news.  So far, Cleveland has not disappointed us with contracts that would be going nowhere.

In fact, the management has finally disposed off all of its non-guaranteed contracts for its young players and acquired a new veteran.  According to a report from Bleacher Report , Cleveland has sent four players including Dwight Powell, Erik Murphy, John Lucas III and Malcolm Thomas in return for veteran guard Keith Bogans.  Bogans, who has played with a total of eight NBA teams in a span of 11 seasons, is a lockdown three-point shooter, great off-ball player and tenacious defender.

While he isn’t that talented in all those aspects, being a jack of all trades in this team is actually a good position to be in.  In the report by ESPN , the 34-year-old Bogans will add not just firepower to this Cavs team, but also experience in winning and playing in the playoffs.

The team already has a number of former star players who can serve as mentors and that includes Shawn Marion, Mike Miller, and James Jones, but it seems like Cleveland is eager to push hard enough to win that elusive NBA title for the franchise.  In another perspective, acquiring Bogans could also be an indication that future Hall of Famer Ray Allen will not sign with Cleveland.

We’ll see in the coming days. 

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