Clevelan Cavaliers News: New ‘Big 3’ Makes Debut In Media Day, Can They Exceed Expectations This Season?

The future is now.

During the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Media Day earlier today, reporters and journalists finally see the new big three together, composed of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love.

It’s been months already since LBJ made Decision 2.0 where he chose to come home to Cleveland and continue chasing a championship for his franchise.

That move immediately rattled the entire NBA, especially the Eastern Conference where the Miami was favored to get another shot at the title.

It looks like the three actually look good together.

Aside from acquiring James and Love, the Cavs have also signed some veterans to join the young blood in the roster.

New Cleveland players this off-season include Mike Miller and James Jones (former Heat players), Shawn Marion, and just yesterday Keith Bogans joined the mix.  It is worth noting that the Cavs acquired four players who can shoot the three ball efficiently.

This just goes to show the type of offense that coach David Blatt may be preparing for this upcoming season.  With James and Irving being capable of slashing and shredding defenses, a lot of players would be available for kick-outs and entry passes.

Whether it will be Love, Anderon Varejao or any of the team’s shooters, it will translate into easy baskets.  But just like the 2010 Miami Heat, we still can’t predict that this Cavs team will take a walk in the park to reach the Finals. 

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