Claudia Kim Poses In High-Fashion Shoot With VOGUE

Claudia Kim Poses In High-Fashion Shoot With VOGUE
Claudia Kim Poses In High-Fashion Shoot With VOGUE

  Korean actress Claudia Kim (a.k.a Soo Hyun) flaunted her statuesque, model-like physique in her latest pictorial with Vogue magazine.

The actress posed like a top model wearing beautiful dresses that perfectly accentuate her toned bod.

Claudia Kim is gaining a larger international following as she stars in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” as Dr.

Helen Cho.

Through her amazing acting and charming features, Claudia Kim easily won over the hearts of many of the movie’s viewers.

For her VOGUE photo shoot, Claudia Kim definitely showed that she deserves her current superstar status with her strong features and model-like projection.

Not a lot of women can pull off a shiny, shimmering gold-bedazzled long gown, but Claudia Kim carried the dress with such effortless grace and poise.

Her hourglass figure and well-define s-line have become the current envy of many women.

A beauty like hers will keep men from ogling at that flashy red Ferrari.

Although she plays the resident genetics expert in “The Avengers 2”, Claudia Kim showed that even nerds can be drop-dead gorgeous as well as she fiercely wore this amazing pleated black dress number.

Claudia Kim will also appear in the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine’s May issue where she shares the audition process she went through for her role as Dr.

Helen Cho.

The actress also posed for InStyle magazine’s April issue in which she revealed some of her beauty must-haves.

What do you guys think of Claudia Kim’s acting in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”?    

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