‘Clash Of Clans’ Tips And Cheats; Zero Gap Defense And Farming

'Clash Of Clans' Tips And Cheats; Zero Gap Defense And Farming

'Clash Of Clans' Tips And Cheats; Zero Gap Defense And Farming

“Clash of Clans” continues to be the one of the biggest games in mobile industry today. Created by Supercell, the immense popularity of the mobile game spawned “Clash Royale” that also became an immensely popular game worldwide.

With millions of gamers worldwide, catching up could be a bit challenging for beginners. But there are ways new gamers could improve quickly without spending too much.
One of the most popular tips new players find online is farming. Just like other resource-based game, knowing how to maximize farming could lead to faster upgrades. But players don’t just focus on farming, new players should also take note on how to protect their resources.  According to All Clash , “make a priority of which resources you want to protect most.” New players should not only focus on building a wall since it is also important to place the buildings where they are best protected.
Another important tip for new players is now how to maximize an attack. For newbies, the best way to attack and earn more is to use “Barch” –   combination of Archers and Barbarians. Business Insider explains , “In the early stages of the game, using cheap attacks such as “Barch” (half barbarians, half archers) means that the maximum amount of resources can be collected verses spent on training troops.” This type of attack is most effective on players who might have ignored their account but with higher resource collections.
For defense, the idea of “zero gap build” should be implemented. Simply put, your structures should not have any space to prevent any unexpected attacks and spawning. According to Neurogadget , “Make sure that you create a zero-gap move, so that the attacker will not be able to spawn his troops inside the village.” It’s a simple, yet highly effective defensive strategy to prevent the attacker from looting the base fast.

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